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Professor Martin E Weaver AA Dipl

Archaeological excavations, rock art and cave art, and related archaeological experience

1957, 1958 Snail Down, Wiltshire UK.
Bronze Age cemetery site; surveyor and site supervisor.

1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 Gwithian, Cornwall, UK.
Mediaeval, Dark Ages, Bronze Age and Iron Age domestic site. Architect/surveyor and instructor.

1958 Liskey Hill, Cornwall, UK.
Bronze Age Burial Mound. Architect/surveyor.

1959, 1960 Knossos, Crete, Greece.
Neolithic site. Architect/surveyor and draughtsman.

1958, 1959, 1960 Danes' Camp, Glos, Worcs, UK.
Iron Age Fortress. Architect/surveyor.

1959 Iona, Argyll, Scotland, UK.
Iron Age, Dark Age, Mediaeval and Sub-mediaeval Domestic and Monastic Sites. Architect/surveyor.

1961,1962,1964 Preston Montfort Field Study Centre, and the Roveries, Shropshire U.K.
Iron Age and Mediaeval Fortifications. Instructor in archaeological surveying for Universities of Birmingham and London summer field courses.

1961,1963 Pasargadae, Iran.
Bronze Age, Neolithic, Achaemenid, Seleucid, and Islamic Sites. Architect/surveyor, site supervisor.

1962 St Dennis Fort, Lanivet or Castilly Henge.
Iron Age, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Mediaeval Fortifications. Architect/surveyor.

1966, 1967 Swanscombe Pit, Galley Hill Pit, Kent UK. Palaeolithic site. Preparation of special surveys relating to the previous excavations, etc work commissioned by the British Museum.

1968 Pertek & Til or Korluca, Tunceli, Keban Dam Rescue Operations, Eastern Turkey.
Early Christian, Syriac, Byzantine, Armenian, Islamic, Ottoman Churches, Mosques, and Castle. Supervising students carrying out preliminary field work, e.g., preparation of measured drawings; archaeological research and general documentation of monuments in flood-threatened archaeological zone prior to commencement of a hydro-electric dam scheme.

1970 Can Hasan, Turkey.
Neolithic Site. Developing and directing scientific experiments with airdome and other apparatus for increasing or improving recovery of archaeological information.

1970 Pulur, Keban Dam Rescue Operations, Turkey.
Bronze Age Site. Conservation adviser for the block-lifting salvage of unique unbaked clay shrines.

1971, 1972, 1973 Hornos de la PeŇa, North Spain; and other sites in South Spain and the Regions of Burgos and Madrid.
Palaeolithic Cave Art Sites. Responsible for the complete recording and documentation of the physical form of a number of complicated cave systems, together with all palaeolithic cave paintings and engravings. Also responsible for the recording of archaeological research and anthropological studies.

1978, 1980 Dealy Island, High Arctic, NWT, Canada.
Responsible for the architectural conservation and partial restoration of the 1853 building known as Captain Kellett's Storehouse; working in close cooperation with a team of two archaeologists, two artifacts' conservators, and an architectural photographer and recording specialist. Returned to the site in 1980 to check the condition of the resource and to repair floor damaged by polar bear.

1983 Peale Point and Kekerten Island, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada.
Thule Culture and later periods; especially Scottish, Inuit and American whaling site from 1853 onwards. Responsible for preliminary conservation studies and survey preparations; establishment of survey grids etc, for two sites working in close cooperation with two teams of archaeologists.

1986 Louisbourg , Nova Scotia, Canada.
Historic lighthouses project excavating remains dated from 1731-6 onwards and developing new techniques for immediate stabilisation and conservation of ruins. Responsible for conservation of ruins in close coordination with the archaeologists