2000 Schedule of Rates

Martin Weaver Conservation Consultant Inc.

28 Sheahan Crescent, Nepean, Ontario CANADA K2H 8M2
560 Riverside Drive, 12B. New York, New York 10027 USA
Nepean Tel: (613) 596-1251 Fax: (613) 596-4926.
New York Tel: (212) 866-3540 Fax: (212) 866-1986
E-mail: mewcci@msn.com

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Short Term Contracts

Consultant fees: $130.00 per hour plus travelling, living and accommodation expenses; materials' costs (eg film, processing, etc); administration costs

Long Term Contracts

Consultant fees: To be negotiated depending on length of contract; plus travelling, living and accommodation expenses; materials' costs; and scientific equipment and administration fees.

Travelling Time: Normally charged at hourly rate but may be negotiated.

Report Preparation: $130.00 per hour; plus production costs (eg copying, illustrations, etc); postage, courier, fax and telephone costs.

Lectures and Courses: From $150 per podium hour, plus travel time (see above); plus travelling and if applicable, living and accommodation expenses.

Forensic case work including court appearances to give expert testimony: Normally charged at a rate of $200.00 per hour.

Taxes (eg GST) will be added to all fees where applicable.